Welcome to Indra Queer Trans & Tjejjour!

Indra is an association which offers support to young queer people, trans people and/or girls. Support here at Indra is given digitally, completely anonymously, free of charge and with no waiting times. Our volunteers guarantee confidentiality and are experts at listening and offering support. No topics are too large or too small. Some contact us because they’ve been subject to violence or sexual assault, or due to various issues in their home life. Others contact us to talk about school, relationships, or because they simply need some support or motivation.

Our chat is open every:

Tuesday from 13-15
Saturday from 15-17
Sunday from 15-17

When the chat is open, it appears as a little box here on our website! ♥

Are you not a Swedish speaker? Unfortunately we can’t offer support chats in languages other than Swedish, and sometimes English. Therefore we want you to point you in the right direction to find support which works on your terms.


Fempowerment offers help, support and free legal advice to anyone who is currently or has been subject to domestic violence. At Fempowerment, you’ll find help and support in Swedish, English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Mandarin, Persian, Tigrinya, French, Polish, Greek, German, Urdu/Hindi, Somalia, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Kurdish, Turkish and Bulgarian.

Somaya Supportline

Somaya is a supportline located in Stockholm. You can contact Somaya if you’re over 18 years old and have been subject to domestic violence and/or honor-related violence or oppression. The staff at Somaya speak many languages, such as Swedish, English, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, Urdi, Hindu and Spanish.

Victim Support Sweden

Victim Support Sweden offers support to those who have been victim to a crime, witnesses as well as family and friends in several different languages. It doesn’t matter who you are or what crime you’ve been subject to. Victim Support Sweden exists in all of Sweden. You can contact Victim Support Sweden even if you aren’t sure whether what you’ve experienced is a crime.

RFSL Support Service

RFSL offers a support service for LGBTQ persons who have been subject to harassment, threats and violence. This support may be given through counselling in person, through phone calls, video calls or via email. Counselling is available in Swedish, English, Spanish and Arabic, or via interpreter.


Youmo.se is a website containing information about the body, relationships and health. You will also find information about your rights, existing help for your well-being, and how to find contact information to every UMO in Sweden. It offers text, pictures and videos in Arabic, Dari, Somali, Tigrinya and Swedish.

Koll på soc

The website “koll på soc” provides information about the work of social services in support of children and young people. There you can quickly and easily find contact information of social services in your area. It also contains the phone number of social emergency services, which you can call outside of office hours. All information is available in Arabic, English and Swedish.


At 1177.se, you can find health advice and information about diseases as well as available health clinics. All residents of Sweden, regardless of whether they are citizens or not, have a right to healthcare. Through this link, you can see and click through to the different languages in which advice and information is offered.